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Why don't you give her some flowers? Come on, do it for me, you're not going to die for meeting my parents. That was a broad hint. Ramsey lives all by himself. But for his help, your success would be impossible. We have three adopted children. The younger two are biological brothers. Hy was right about that. Huey wishes that he could be a better French speaker.

Mommy is not home at the moment. The old man who'd fallen was really Buddha. Volkswagen used illegal software that detects when the car is undergoing official emissions testing. A language is considered dead when the number of native speakers falls to less than 10. It's probably not a good idea to do that now.

She managed to back their boat into the garage. Woody discovered the truth. Let us show you how it's done.

Just be patient. Go out with me tonight. I expect you to keep the appointment. The twin suns are revolving around our planet. You are not in a legal position to demand anything. The crops are up to the average.

Are you calling me a coward? I thought you wouldn't be so busy.

I'm going to call Svante tomorrow and ask him to help.

That belonged to them. Erik got back in the car. Have you spoken to her? Let's all give her a hand. His voice is thin even though he is fat. We're not friends. Everyone looks confused. Masanobu went to Boston to meet someone. "May I come in?" "Yes, certainly."

Since I am the mother of the child, he should live with me. If you refuse, Sanity will be furious. Which one is broken? I didn't know what I would do.

Easter is a pagan holiday. I cannot walk any farther. I'm sure you already know what to do. How long have you been down here? Mosur got up and went to the refrigerator for another beer. I let Maarten drive my car. I don't want to go out. The recipe calls for four ripe tomatoes. That should give us another few days.

I'd rather walk than pedal. I'm not going to mess it up. We're not going back there. You're so mysterious.

I don't think I have enough time to do that. John goes to his office on foot. Every foreigner who visits Japan says that prices here are too high. Quakers believe that all people are equal. Baby birds generally can't take to the air until they are several weeks old. He saved his friend at the risk of his own life. Where are my things?

I'd like to question him.

Leith is stunningly beautiful. Ouch! I bit my tongue. Jesper loves Scotchmen. I thought you left with Gypsy. One day Mark Twain surprisingly confessed: "I am not as young as I was several years ago..."